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Ajay Sharma, known as "The Josh Machine," is a motivational speaker celebrated for his dynamic and energetic presentations. He aims to inspire individuals to reach their personal and professional goals. Sharma's high energy and enthusiasm have earned him the nickname "The Josh Machine," with "Josh" meaning enthusiasm or passion in Hindi. In his speeches, Ajay Sharma covers topics such as personal development, leadership, and overcoming challenges. His approach blends motivational stories, practical advice, and an engaging delivery to captivate audiences and reinforce his message of positivity and perseverance.

Ajay Sharma, widely recognized as "The Josh Machine," is a renowned motivational speaker celebrated for his electrifying workshops like "You Can Be A Millionaire," "The Super Rich," and "Goal Mastery." He is deeply committed to equipping individuals with genuine financial wisdom and guiding them towards attaining financial independence. Ajay advocates for embracing a holistic approach to life, encompassing wealth, relationships, career, happiness, and spirituality. Acknowledged for his expertise, Ajay Sharma was honored as the "Expert in Digital Coaching" by the Economic Times (TOI Group) in 2021. He has captivated audiences in over 26 Indian cities and across 7 countries worldwide through his seminars. Presently, Ajay manages a portfolio of 11 thriving businesses and mentors over 200 enterprises as a seasoned business coach. An accomplished author, Ajay Sharma has penned 12 insightful books, including two best-sellers: "Change Your Life" and "Ultimate Secrets to Wealth," the latter co-authored with the esteemed Brian Tracy.


With Sania Mirza

At just 9 years old, Ajay Sharma embarked on his journey of remarkable achievements, captivating audiences with his training programs. By the age of 12, he attained the distinction of being one of the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professionals, a feat that set a remarkable precedent. Ajay’s illustrious career has garnered him the esteemed ‘Bharat Nirman Award’ and recognition from the Sandesh Media Group, who heralded his training company as one of the “Top Educational Institutes of India.” Notably, he was named one of the “Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs of Gujarat” and earned the moniker “The Magician of Words” from the Dainik Bhaskar Media Group, further solidifying his status as a visionary leader in education and entrepreneurship.



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